Welcome to ExpatLawyers.ch, a business of Bellefiore GmbH operated by Dr. iur. Philipp Balscheit-Jennings and his network of consultants.

We have been providing Expats in Switzerland with Independent Legal and Financial Advice since 2009. Our services are offered in English, German, French and Italian.

From personal experience we know how difficult setting up in a new country can be. We provide professional advice for foreign people looking for help when living in Switzerland. Understanding the Swiss Rules and Regulations is not always easy, not even for Swiss Citizens. Being an Expat, not knowing where to start when you need to find the best bank or tax advisor, nor when you need advise on Swiss labor law, work permits, insurances and pensions. Or when you would like to buy real estate and are trying to secure a mortgage. Maybe you might even want to open up a business.

We will give you professional advice. We know how to do it, we know the local rules and habits in Switzerland. We have an excellent network and access to people on all levels, in governmental institutions as well as in lobbying organizations and private companies. We will help you getting things done efficiently and the right way, first time.

We are part of a network of experienced consultants. All our affiliates are highly qualified and have profound knowledge of the Swiss system. Having a broad network of different experts enables us to support you during the full life cycle of your stay in Switzerland. From the early days when you have just made your first contacts and are still not sure whether or not you should come here, to your onboarding times and throughout your entire stay here, up to when you might want to move on to other places in this world.